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Galaxy Watch 3 Review

By The Biz Team (Nicholas)

The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 represents the latest iteration of how the brand wants wearables to behave. Two years following its former incarnation, the new model comes with improved software levels and placement of effective health monitoring and lifesaving features. The current version provides synchronization options from the TV to the user's wrist. It also carries a price tag of £399 upwards, similar to what the Apple Watch retails at.

Design and hardware

The watch follows the brand's tradition of making the smart-watch look like the traditional watch. The design can be likened to the Gear S3 Classic product that debuted in 2016. A round face is present along with two round pushers to the side. Compared to the galaxy watch, the primary predecessor, Watch 3, has a sportier and dressier design for day to day use rather than reliable operation. Samsung has increased the display's size on the 45 mm version to 1.4 inches, which is large and makes the device seem even larger on the wrist. It features a bright and colorful AMOLED display with a sharp resolution that is easy to view both indoors and outside. One of the advantages, Watch 3 presents over the Active line, is the physically rotating bezel used for scrolling through the interface.

The focal point is the touchscreen display, which seems to be a cut above other displays when there is a need to glance above the step count or see that another WhatsApp group has sparked up. No other smart-watch has a bezel twist like Samsung, and it is quite satisfying to hear the clicking as one moves from one screen to the other. Even with one of the toned-down looks, it has not lost any of the tactile aesthetic as a good design.

Health attributes

Aside from the design, what makes the Watch 3 stand out is the list of health features. It includes an ECG, an SPO2 application that assesses oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. There is blood pressure monitoring, advanced sleep-tracking, post-run analysis, and period tracking. Samsung recently got an assurance from the FDA for the ECG attributes though it will not be active on the Watch 3 at the launch either. The Watch 3 nudges the user when they have been inactive and exercises to keep these alerts for several hours. Everything from cycling to swimming can be brought with reliable real-time metrics as well. It has increased its running appeal with several added insights that seek to fix the user's form and technique.


The Galaxy Watch 3 has an interface that is easy to swipe or scroll through. However, it has a similar processor to the Active 2, though the RAM has been increased to 1 GB capacity. There is twice as much in the form of storage, which saves playlists and other files. Compared to Wear OS watch, Watch 3 is much quicker and easier to use, considering the performance is at the same level as the Apple Watch models. It may take a few beats to launch a third party application, though Samsung's applications and the widgets load quickly, and they give most of the information that one would want.

According to Samsung, it will have two days of battery life, but several tests show that it would be able to last a day and a half. It is possible to extend the battery life by disabling the always-on display and enabling the battery saving mode. It will still need to be charged every other day, making it hard to use for sleep tracking, considering the most convenient time to set it is when one is sleeping. Charging the watch is a slow process that takes two hours to fill the battery. The fast charging process is also a feature that has been game-changing on smartphones for several years.


Samsung watch design works according to the screen's constrained size, and the layout of widgets and notifications is easy to disseminate. The messaging application displays images, emojis, and conversation history about the incoming messages. There are some gesture controls and incoming calls and silencing alarms with a shake of the wrist. However, there seems to be no native mapping application on Watch 3, and the options there in the app store are quite wanting. On the bright side, these apps are usually comprehensive. There is weather, calendar, and outlook for email, Spotify, and messages. Samsung Health for fitness tracking stopwatch, world clock, and alarms are also available. The Watch 3 runs using the Tizen operating system that is easy to navigate, and it allows for a higher level of customization compared to the rivals. It is possible to set widgets and rearrange the apps from the watch screen. It is possible to scribble, dictate, and doodle responses from one's wrist. It does not have a big selection of third-party apps, but it does get notifications from most of them like WhatsApp, CNET, or Facebook.


The Watch 3 has come a long way as concerns its attributes and user interface. Retailing at $400 for the base 41 mm model, the buyer will get a premium smart-watch, which can finally double up as a fitness tracker. The Watch 3 is a device that provides value for money, considering it is doing the basics well while also breaking ground at the same time. The package of health and fitness packages on the watch is also motivating. The battery life is sufficient though it is not as good compared to offers provided by rivals. For those in the Android camp, Watch 3 is the best option.


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