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Moen's Smart Kitchen Faucet Review

By The Biz Team (Nicholas)

For most people, the faucet is near the bottom of the list of priorities while in the kitchen. Moen Smart Faucet has radically changed this, by introducing a hands-free smart faucet, that uses voice commands to deliver precise water measurements at specific temperatures. The family flagship, which is the U by Moen Smart Faucet, allows users to start and stop water flow using their voice. Other tasks can also be performed using Google Assistant and Alexa. One may also take advantage of the wave sensor that turns water on and off by using hand gestures. The LED built into the wave sensor changes its colors from blue to purple, then to red. That is to show when the water is heating or cooling, while a handle situated on the faucet side provides manual control over the temperature settings. The Moen faucet's present retail rate is $450, depending on the style, materials, and finish.

The faucet provides significant potential. For example, one can set unlimited personalized presets for particular cooking tasks, and activate water flow through voice control and wave sensors. Moen also updated the Flo system, in addition to monitoring the level of water consumption, and integrating sensors to detect leaks in the system. Placing the sensor in an area with risk potentials like the laundry room or the basement, allows for detection of water, low temperature, or high humidity levels. It can send push notifications within the Moen and Flo applications, and the shutoff feature can also be triggered if the sensors detect any leaks in the system.


The task of setting a faucet is not the most complex, but compared to other upgrades people perform within their homes, the Moen smart faucet can be very involving. But there is an instruction video, and a step-by-step video for installation on Moen's website. The most challenging part of the process will most likely be removing the old system. The installation method entails routing hoses, tightening attachments, hanging a control box, plugging the wiring, and installing batteries. The final step is reconnecting the system to the hot and cold water piping systems.

For those who have performed home improvements like installing new faucets before, the Moen smart faucet is most likely going to be much different. The smart functionality is powered by a box that controls the flow of hot and cold water, while also maintaining specific temperatures. It clips on to the faucet part, which hangs below the countertop, and then is attached by a wire to the power box containing D-cell batteries. 


Moen's smart faucet is available in different styles, from modern to traditional, and is the only voice-activated kitchen faucet in the market to offer voice and hands-free activation. Other features include:

  • Exact and generic temperature commands: hot water, 105 degrees, or cold water 

  • Combined metered and temperature requests i.e., the user may order half a cup of 105-degree water, or 2 ounces of hot water.

  • Metered dispensing in fractional and non-metric measurements, from one tablespoon to 15 gallons at a time

  • User customized presets i.e., water for a baby bottle or for the dog bowl.

Clients who do not wish to control their faucets with voice commands, may opt to use the Moen app for iOS and Android. This allows for the creation of unlimited presets, while also monitoring the level of water use. The other headliner is the aforementioned 3.5-inch water detector, dubbed "Flo" by the Moen Smart Water Detector. It is designed to fit areas where there is increased risk, such as in the basement or the laundry room. The detector alerts owners when there is an excess of moisture and humidity, by using companion applications. It also adapts well with other detectors and the Flo by the water shutoff valve, which connects to the main water supply lines for water damage prevention.

Even without accessing the wireless network of the home, the smart faucet still offers smart functionality, like a colored LED light on the spout transitions. This simple feature is a failsafe to ensure the user is not surprised when they use the faucet without connectivity. The black bezels on the periphery of the LEDs also have a motion sensor that allows the user to turn the water on or off by waving their hands close to the sensor. When contacted surfaces are potential points of infection during a pandemic, this is a feature that comes in handy. 

The most probable complaint with the Moen Smart faucet is its reliance on voice commands, making the process somewhat clunky. The system has been tested with Google Assistant, which requires one to first ask Google and then Moen for a particular preset command or function. It may not be the worst inconvenience, but it is still something that should be streamlined in the future. 

Moen senior vice president, Mark Hans Richer, stated that the brand is revolutionizing how consumers think about water use in their homes. The goal is to enhance customers' experience with water so that they can control and conserve it appropriately. The smart kitchen appliances market is projected to reach billions of dollars within the next five years, as products become more advanced and integrated.  

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