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Samsung Galaxy Ear-Buds

By The Biz Team (Nicholas)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are a great pair of wireless ear-buds that accompany the galaxy smartphone line. They are one of the models introduced to the monopoly Apple AirPods has had within the ear-bud market. They are widening the portfolio which Samsung has to offer, which include two Gear IconX generations. The thing that separates the Galaxy buds option from the IconX is that the latter may do away with the Gear branding and make these ear-buds part of the Galaxy phone lineup. In time, Samsung may provide a good discount as it releases new models in the coming years.

Using the Wearable application

Touch panels allow for call and playback controls, ambient sound mode activation, and virtual assistants access. Like the Sony WF-1000XM3, the galaxy buds allow one to have a sense of their environment, so it is perfectly safe. It may also balance out the noises such as rumbling traffic though also boosting the nearby voices allowing the user to remain conscious of surrounding noises without having to compromise the quality of their music. By using the Galaxy Wearable app, one can customize the left and right ear panels playback controls. Holding the left ear-bud will initiate the Ambient Sound mode, and holding the left ear-bud will lead to access to Google Assistant. Though it is a useful attribute, there were problems found with windy weather. During these conditions, the wind's sound had been amplified, so there was an uncomfortably shrill whistling sound.

Battery life

One of the main improvements that the Galaxy Buds have made from the Gear IconX is improved durability. Tests on the device have yielded 6.53 hours of playback on a single charge from the 58mAh ear-buds. The charging case of 252mAh gives an additional seven hours of playback, and 15 hours in the case would allow up to 1.7 hours of playback. When the case and ear-buds are finished, charging the devices is quickly done through a US-C cable, which is part of the package.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds seem very attractive with a slick all-white design that compromises two ear-buds and a charging case. The ear-buds are compact with subtle rubber wingtips for a secure fit. There are options for small, medium, and large wingtips within the box, so the customer should find a combination that would comfortably fit their ear. Though the ear-buds may look a bit delicate when they are first put in, they are surprisingly stable and will not fall out. The lack of wiring pulling them from the ear is an added advantage regardless of head-turning or bobbing. Tests have shown they can even survive gym sessions and jogging.

One distinctive attribute of the pearlescent material is located on the buds' outer housing that reflects the light adequately. Aside from their aesthetics, the housings are touch controls that can play music, answer and end calls and skip tracks. They can also be used to launch the voice assistant, Bixby, on compatible devices.

Features and performance

If the user has a Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy s10e, or a Samsung Galaxy S10, then pairing the buds should be quite seamless as an experience similar to the way the Apple AirPods instantly connect to iPhones. Unless several wireless ear-buds, the Galaxy buds maintain a stable connection because of the Bluetooth 5.0 firmware; however, they lack the aptx support, which is a problem for non-Samsung Android users. The connection stability still has some ways to go for the Galaxy Buds. Though it remains reliable within closed environments, taking the ear-buds outside would bring with it come, stutters and hiccups.

What do they sound like?

AKG tunes the dynamic drivers. They reproduce a superb and neutral leaning sound signature, which gives a good representation of the music compared to the majority of consumer ear-buds. The bass and midrange frequency loudness would be comparable with a small bump at the 1kHz mark to aid when it comes to vocal reproduction. Isolation performance is also above average, considering these can passively insulate the listener from their surroundings if the appropriate ear tips are in use. The microphones on the Galaxy Buds Plus are an improvement, though. These ear-buds are much better suited for voice calls, though the older ones were problematic as they sometimes produced garbled audio. Adding the secondary external microphone has also resolved these issues.

Samsung Galaxy Buds pricing

The Galaxy Buds were released in March 2019 for the rate of $149, making them slightly more affordable compared to the Apple AirPods. For the clients who have pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, or 10E, the brand may have thrown in a free pair of Galaxy Buds though this offer ended at launch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs. AirPods Pro

Considering that they can isolate the user from the external world, have significantly better battery life, and better audio quality, the Galaxy Buds are better than the Apple AirPods. The advent of the AirPods Pro, though, is what makes the Galaxy Buds a hard sell. The AirPods pro-noise-canceling wireless buds feature a rethought attribute which has dedicated nozzles for isolation.

Final thoughts

The ear-buds are currently one of the best options in the market and offer perfect compatibility for Android users. They are comfortable to wear despite their delicate appearance, and they have an excellent battery life even during heavy use. The Galaxy Ear-buds' price point is also a selling point considering the competition is placed at a much higher. The sound quality offered is quite good with deep bass and a wide-open soundstage to top it off.

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